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Hilldale Interior
A year of anniversaries!
Our first sign 20 years ago




Kanadan ev.luterilaisen kirkon sivut: www.elcic.ca            |           Suomen kirkon sivut: www.evl.fi

Tule jumalanpalveluksiin 

Kaikki, jotka etsivät lähempää suhdetta

Jessukseen Kristukseen, ovat tervetulleita.


"Älä pelkää, sillä minä olen sinun kanssasi; älä arkana pälyile, sillä minä olen sinun Jumalasi; minä vahvistan sinua, minä autan sinua, minä tuen sinua vanhurskauteni oikealla kädellä."

Jesajan 41:10

Bilingual Services 10am
(usually last Sunday of the month)
*Check the calendar for more info

Sunnuntaisin  11.00 - 12.15

Kielenkäännös teon alla.

If you are searching for a Finnish Service, look no further: our Senior Pastor Jari Lahtinen presides with great passion, with a pinch of humor for spice. The service is a solemn traditional Finnish service with time-honored gospel songs and liturgy.

Pastor Nancy began her work on June 1st, 2014.  She retired May 31, 2019, and we wish her all the best and enjoyment in her retirement. We are also fortunate to have our retired pastors Ed Long and Arleen Berg so close at hand to help fill in when our pastors are away.

And of course, there is coffee and Pulla (Finnish coffee bread) served with great conversation and fellowship. We heartily welcome new points of view to our discussions.

Please, check our other web pages to get more information about our events and get a better picture of our amazing church! We hope to see you under our roof soon!

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Kielenkäännös teon alla.​

Our journey from our first location in 1950 to where we are today.

Image by Eric Rothermel

Kielenkäännös teon alla.​

Our calendar of events this month.

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Kielenkäännös teon alla.

News and information about our church.